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Concrete Playground’s post on Kinchin Lane in Wetherill Park, featuring Volcanos

Wetherill Park’s Stockland Shopping Centre and Volcanos Steakhouse are stirring up excitement with a Mocktail Masterclass. This partnership brings a splash of non-alcoholic delight to the community, offering an exclusive chance to master the art of mocktail making.

Kinchin Lane at Stockland Shopping Centre, home to a vibrant array of restaurants including Volcanos Steakhouse, now invites patrons to dive into the world of refreshing, sophisticated mocktails.

Designed to intrigue and educate, the masterclass showcases the creativity and skill behind these tantalising beverages.

A special highlight is the invitation video by Concrete Playground, which captures the essence of the masterclass and extends a warm welcome to all interested participants. This engaging collaboration underscores the innovative dining experiences Stockland aims to offer.

Join the Mocktail Masterclass at Volcanos Steakhouse and explore the endless possibilities of non-alcoholic beverages.

@concreteplayground When you head into Stockland Wetherill Park to tick off your shopping needs, swing by Kinchin Lane for 'Take Me to Kinchin Lane' a series of free workshops, events and offerings in the foodie laneway paradise. From cooking workshops with experts to mocktail mixing or a paint and sip sesh, the cultural hub has got it going on for flavour enthusiasts. Make sure you visit soon as the events will wrap on Sunday, February 25. #thingstodoinsydney #whatsonsydney #sydneyworkshop #pastamaking #pizza #freethingstodo #mocktail #gnocchi #familyfriendly #sydneyaustralia #concreteplayground ♬ original sound - CONCRETE PLAYGROUND

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