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Flavours at Volcano’s Steakhouse

Flavours at Volcano’s Steakhouse: The Ultimate Dining Experience in Western Sydney

Western Sydney is known for its mix of cultures and their food traditions. Among all these, Volcano’s Steakhouse stands out as a top choice.

With four prime locations across Western Sydney – Parramatta, Blacktown, Bankstown and soon Wetherill Park – this steakhouse is more than just a dining destination; it’s an experience for all meat lovers.

The Art of Dry-Ageing at Volcano’s Steakhouse

At Volcano’s Steakhouse, we are not just serving steak; we offer an experience, an art form refined through time and patience. The dry-ageing process is at the heart of this culinary journey.

The Volcano’s Twist

Our commitment to culinary excellence doesn’t stop with traditional methods. At Volcano’s Steakhouse, we add our twist to the dry-ageing process. Instead of just relying on the beef’s attributes, we infuse our steaks subtly using either wagyu fat or butter. Our current specialty, the Grass-Fed MBS4+ Op Rib Eye, is a testament to this innovation. Prepared with our specially seasoned wagyu fat, it doesn’t overshadow the steak’s natural taste. Instead, it offers an indulgent, nuanced infusion that elevates the overall flavour profile.

Selection and Ageing

We take pride in the quality of our beef. Every steak on our menu has undergone a rigorous selection process. Our experts handpick each piece ensuring the highest quality and marbling. After the selection, these steaks are aged for a minimum of 35 days in our state-of-the-art custom-built dry age room. This chamber, designed to maintain the optimal conditions for aging, ensures that every steak reaches its peak flavour and tenderness.

Freshness Guaranteed

Once the aging process is complete, our expert butchers take over. At Volcano’s Steakhouse, every steak is butchered fresh in-house daily. This guarantees that the meat retains its flavour and juiciness, ensuring that our patrons receive nothing but the best on their plates.

Volcanos Steakhouse - Custom-Built Dry Age Room

What is Dry-Ageing?

Dry-ageing is a traditional method of preserving and enhancing the flavour and tenderness of beef. The beef is stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled room for several weeks, allowing the natural enzymes in the meat to go to work.

The Science Behind the Process

The controlled environment of our custom-built dry-age room is the perfect setting for two crucial things to happen:

    • Enzymatic Action: The natural enzymes in the beef break down the muscle fibres. This action results in meat that isn’t just tender but also has a concentrated beef flavour.
    • Moisture Reduction: As the beef ages, it loses moisture. This concentrates the beefy flavours even more, leading to a steak that’s rich and deep in its taste profile.

In essence, the dry-ageing process at Volcano’s Steakhouse is a blend of tradition, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality. So, the next time you savour a bite of our dry-aged steak, you’re not just enjoying a meal – you’re partaking in a legacy of culinary excellence.

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