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Daily Telegraph: Grub, No Beer: Sober West Sydney Steakhouse Attracting Massive Crowds

We’ve been featured in the Daily Telegraph, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this milestone with you all.

It’s not every day you see a steakhouse that doesn’t serve alcohol get packed out on a weekday night, but here we are, making waves in Sydney’s west.


Daily Telegraph:

“It’s a steakhouse that serves no alcohol but it’s completely packed on a weekday night.

Volcanos Steakhouse in the heart of Sydney’s west has capitalised on a gap in the market most competitors would be too afraid to venture into: sober dining.

Owner Eddie Garcia told Kitchen Confidential, the chain’s Blacktown, Bankstown and Parramatta stores, started when they realised a cohort of Australians were not so keen on a beer with their meal.

A delay in getting a liquor license prompted the team to find a silver lining: a growing number of Aussies who were shunning booze, but wanted high-quality dining.

“There were no options for consumers who wanted a high-quality meal paired with a non-alcoholic drink. This is what spawned the birth of Volcano’s Steakhouse,” Mr Garcia said.

“I think it’s a cultural norm to have a meal with a beer. But we have seen this change in real time over the last few years in Sydney. You only need to look at the non-alcoholic section in Coles and Woolworths which has expanded tenfold.”

Volcanoes is a part of a broader cultural change on the Sydney dining scene which has seen the addition of non-alcoholic drinks on restaurant menus and even the first pop-up non-alcoholic bar.

Mr Garcia said the chain was popular with people who didn’t drink but equally, families looking to avoid rowdier crowds.

“We find that people are after the vibe of having a fancy drink with a meal without having the after effect of alcohol which they also could enjoy with the whole family,” he said.

“You will see most restaurants today will have some non alcoholic options on their drink menus. Seems like people have seen our model and like it,” he said.

The difference at Volcanoes is that outdated sugary mocktails are replaced by sophisticated sober drinks.

“We make our mocktails stand out from the rest with beautiful colours and the theatre of liquid nitrogen which is a big hit with the younger crowd to share on their social media.”

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