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A Midday Feast Not to Be Missed!

In the bustling neighbourhoods of Blacktown, Bankstown, Parramatta, and Wetherill Park, Volcanos Steakhouse stands out as a beacon for food enthusiasts seeking an exceptional lunchtime experience.

Renowned for its diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes, including those looking for halal steakhouse options, Volcanos is your go-to destination for a midday feast that promises to satisfy your cravings.

From Monday to Friday, between 11:30 am and 3:00 pm, Volcanos offers an enticing selection of lunch specials that are perfect for those in search of a gourmet meal without the evening wait. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty steak, a char-grilled chicken delight, or a light and refreshing salad, Volcanos has something to please every palate.

At Volcanos Steakhouse, the menu is a testament to the culinary team’s dedication to quality and diversity. Highlights include the succulent MB4+ rump steak and the tender, char-grilled chicken fillet, each served with a side of your choice and available with a variety of sauces to complement the flavours. It’s not just about the steaks; the pasta offerings, such as the Bolognese and creamy Boscaiola, present delightful alternatives for those desiring something different.

For burger lovers, there’s a range of gourmet options, from the robust Steakhouse Sandwich to the classic Beef Burger, each promising a fulfilling meal. And for those preferring a lighter option, the salads on the menu offer a fresh and flavourful choice.

Volcanos Steakhouse Lunch Specials Volcanos Lunch Specials

Volcanos Steakhouse is committed to accommodating the dietary requirements of its guests, offering a variety of halal food options for those observing halal dietary laws. Please note that while the kitchen takes full care in handling common allergens, it’s important to communicate any specific allergies you may have to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Remember, the lunch specials are not available on public holidays and special days, so plan your visit accordingly. Whether you’re a steak lover, a pasta enthusiast, or in search of a halal-friendly dining option in Sydney, Volcanos Steakhouse’s lunch specials menu is designed to cater to your midday dining desires. 

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