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Volcano's Steakhouse: A New Chapter of Flavour and Elegance

Volcano’s Steakhouse: A New Chapter of Flavour and Elegance

Volcano’s Steakhouse had long been the go-to spot in Western Sydney. You’d recognise the old logo—a fiery volcano—from a mile away. It promised an adventure in flavours, and boy, did it deliver. From Dry Aged cuts to Wagyu masterpieces, the place became a haven for meat lovers.

Why Rebrand?

Let’s face it, times change. People started wanting more than just a mouthful of delicious steak. They wanted an experience that matched the intricacies of the food, something that said, “Hey, we know you’re looking for more than just a meal. We get you.” Folks became curious about where their food came from, how it got from some Aussie farm to their fancy plates, and what makes it so damn good.

The old, fiery volcano logo? As awesome as it was, it started feeling a bit like your favourite band T-shirt from high school—nostalgic but not quite fitting anymore. Volcano’s had grown up, offering a more refined, mature experience that the old branding just didn’t capture.

The New Logo

So, after a lot of debates, a few false starts, and enough drafts to fill a recycling bin, we came up with something new: A clean “V” with a little dash underneath and a dot on the side. This wasn’t just some design whimsy; each element had its meaning. The “V” was our nod to the volcano we all loved, but streamlined, focused. It’s where all our flavours and ambitions converge, just like molten lava before an eruption. The dash beneath? That’s the foundation we’ve built on, the relationships we’ve nurtured with farmers and suppliers. And that tiny dot, that’s our wink to you, signifying that your meal is gonna be spot-on perfect, from start to finish.

We rolled out the new look and spruced up the place a bit, keeping it classy but inviting. Now, when you walk in, you’re greeted not just with the mouth-watering aroma of sizzling steak, but with a refined touch that complements the new logo.

The Future

So here’s the deal—our new logo isn’t just about some snazzy graphics. It’s our renewed promise to you. It says, “Sure, we’re still gonna knock your socks off with our steaks, but now we’re doing it with a bit more style, a bit more care, and a whole lot more attention to detail.”

Our core offerings, from our massive Steakhouse meat platter to our specially crafted mocktails, will remain unchanged. We’ll continue to partner with the same select Australian farmers who share our commitment to excellence. The chefs you’ve come to love will still be weaving their culinary magic behind the scenes.

Every bite is still an explosion of flavours, only now, it’s wrapped up in a little extra sophistication and a lot more love.

Volcanos Logo Element

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