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Volcanos Steak & Seafood is not affiliated with Volcanos Steakhouse


We have received multiple enquiries if we are opening a branch in QLD. Please note Volcanos Group has no current plans to open a branch there.

It has come to our attention that Seven Brothers Steakhouse is undergoing a rebranding process, renaming itself as ‘Volcanos Steak & Seafood.’ We want to clarify that this establishment is not affiliated with our Volcanos Steakhouse. Our brand, which is a registered trademark, is an identity we have built with dedication and pride over the years.

As the rightful owners of the Volcanos Steakhouse trademark, we are compelled to take necessary legal actions to protect our brand and ensure there is no confusion among our valued customers.

Rest assured we will be in QLD one day soon for our loyal customers and are so proud that so many come interstate to dine with us.

Volcanos Management

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