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WAGYU MB5+ Tomahawk Steak Special

Offer Expired!

We’re excited to kick off the New Year with an exclusive culinary delight that’s sure to tantalise your taste buds!

Starting January 10th, we’re bringing to your table the luxurious WAGYU MB5+ TOMAHAWK steak.

Our Special Offer

Savour the richness of our premium, 400+ days grain-fed WAGYU MB5+ TOMAHAWK, originating from 100% verified Wagyu sire crossed. For a limited time, we’re offering this exquisite steak at an incredible price of $145/kg, allowing you to save $60/kg!

A Gourmet Experience

Each steak is masterfully topped with our signature smoky butter, enhancing its rich flavours. To complement your meal, choose from a selection of sides – crispy fries, fresh salad, creamy mash, or nutritious veggies. Plus, pick your favourite sauce to add an extra zing!

This offer is a perfect way to start your New Year on a delicious note. 

Remember, the offer begins on January 10th. Reserve your table early to avoid missing out on this exceptional dining experience.

We can’t wait to welcome you and offer a taste of this luxurious delight. Here’s to a flavourful start to your New Year!

What next?

Sorry the stock is exhausted – stay tuned for our next exciting limited time offer release!

Tomahawk at Volcanos Steakhouse

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