Are you a Steak Lover?

In this post, let us talk about steak – the large, beautiful slice of beef. Whether you have a special occasion or are just cooking steak at your home, it is important to know about the different types and kinds of steak cuts for the best taste. While having a slice of scrumptious steak can be a divine experience, choosing the best steak can turn out quite overwhelming.

What cuts of steak are the best for you? What are the different kinds of steak available out there? What type of steak person are you?

There is nothing better and more delicious than a juicy, flavorful steak. However, the best range of fried, baked, or grilled steak begins with choosing the best cut of steak in the market. In this guide, we will help you unravel all you need to know about the best steak in Sydney and you can come across the best steak cuts in the top-class Halal restaurants out there.

How to Select the Best Cut of Steak?

For any type or kind of steak, it is vital to know about its overall thickness. Though the outer layers of steak are way too easy to cook in the oven or over the grill, it can be slightly difficult to master the inner layers over the years. While you try to spend an additional 30 seconds or even a minute more into cooking your steak, the delicious piece could transform into a not-so-tempting dish of the honey puck.

As such, the thicker steak cuts offer you more time to play around with them for longer, towards achieving the desired taste. Indeed, the right thickness of the steak cut might vary depending on your taste preferences. However, it is always considered great to go for selecting the cut that is at least 1 inch in thickness, regardless of the cooking method. After you have observed the thickness of the steak cut, the next thing to look into is the marbling of the steak piece. Have you observed the white lines that run across the individual steak cuts? This is referred to as marbling in the steak cuts.

Marbling is the amount of fat that runs along the particular piece or cut of the steak. Are you health-conscious and do not require too much fat in your steak? While it is a common notion amongst most steak-lovers out there, the white lining of marbling in the steak is what offers the dish the desired amount of tenderness and great flavor. During cooking, the marbling in the steak tends to settle down which creates a rich flavor and perfect tenderness in your dish.

Finally, now comes the toughest part in choosing the right steak cut – selecting the right part of the meat.

In the market, you can come across various types of steak cuts that are perfect for grilling or baking. However, there are a few cuts that are highly preferred over the other for achieving the best-ever steak experience. As such, we have prepared a list of the best-available steak cuts out there for you to choose from.

Best Steak Cuts You Should Know About

When you are buying steak from the best steakhouse in Sydney, it is important to be aware of the different steak cuts and the best ones out of them. Here are some for you to consider:

•T-Bone steak Cut: T-bone steak cuts are achieved from the short loin area of the animal that remains closer to the stomach instead of the rear end. The T-bone steak cuts are known to be highly tender. Moreover, these are also immensely famous amongst most of the steakhouses out there.

This is because the particular steak cut has two types of meat including a strip steak on one side and the tenderloin on the other end. As such, the T-bone steak cut is able to provide you with two kinds of steak along with intense flavors and textures in a single cut for achieving the perfect steak palate.

• New Yorker Steak:The New Yorker Steak cut is somewhat closer to the T-bone steak cut. This is because the New Yorker steak cut is achieved from the short loin area of the animal and is known to contain both tenderloin & strip steak types of the steak.

The only difference that exists between T-bone and New Yorker Steak cut is that the New Yorker Steak cut is larger than the T-bone cut. Moreover, New Yorker Steak cut is also less tender in comparison to the T-bone cut as it is cut more from the leg area of the animal.

• Rib Eye: The ribeye steak cut is the most favorite when it comes to preparing the perfect Halal food. Owing to its richness and tenderness, the rib eye is considered as the best steak in Sydney in most of the steakhouses.

The particular cut is known to be derived from the rib area of the animal. The cut is also famous for containing dense marbling that is known for imparting the perfect flavor and texture throughout the dish. Rib Eye steak cuts are usually between the range of ¾ & 1 ½ inches in thickness. However, it is considered the best to go for choosing the steak cut that is 1 ½ inch in thickness for achieving the desired cook.

• Eye Fillet: This is yet another popular form of steak cut. It is mostly regarded as the royal member of the steak cut family.

While it is also sometimes referred to as the “tenderloin,” the eye fillet steak cut is achieved from a specific section of the tenderloin in the animal – starting from the ribs and going towards the rear end of the animal. The eye fillet is referred to as the small section that is derived from the tenderloin sitting close to the ribs of the animal. As such, this steak cut is considered as intensely tender in texture and flavor. Most of the eye fillet steak cuts are between the range of 3-4 inches in thickness – perfect for grilling.

• Strip Steak: This steak cut is known to be derived from the short loin of the particular animal – located right behind the rib area. While this area is not particularly muscular, the steak remains moderately tender in texture. Strip steak cuts are usually 1-2 inches in thickness. The strip steaks are also available in bone-in and boneless cuts – depending on the taste preference of the buyers.

And now for some fun! Let’s see which people prefer which kind of steak? What your choice of steak says about you!

• If you like a eye fillet, you’re the quality over quantity type of person. Appreciating the finer things in life, you like to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

• Those who like the rib eye steak value flavor and the concept of “Treat Yourself!”

• The ones preferring strip steak are simple and classic people who don’t need all the bells and whistles.

• And if you prefer the T-Bone, you believe that bigger is indeed better. Go big, or go home.

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With a myriad of steak cuts available out there, it might get confusing to determine your choice of steak. Use our guide to determine the best steak cut for you and your family. Bring home the best steak cut depending on your taste preference and have a great dining experience!

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